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California State Certified Environmental Service for air, water, soil and beyond.
Torrent Laboratory specializes in air analysis, soil analysis, water analysis and custom analytical and testing projects.

California State Certified Environmental Service for Air, Water, Soil Quality and Beyond.

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Water, Soil & Air Quality
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Laboratory Certifications

  • NELAC (Soil Vapor & Indoor Air)
  • Industrial Hygiene (AIHA)
  • ISO 17025
  • CPUC (MBE)
  • CUCP (MBE)

Microbiology of Water, Food, Soil & Air

At Torrent Laboratory, we offer testing services to support the food (human and animal), environmental, nutraceutical, and households. Our microbiology laboratory capabilities include the analysis of fungi, mold, and bacteria.

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Industrial Hygiene - AIHA Accreditation

Torrent, an AIHA certified lab, offers a variety of analytical services for Industrial Hygiene. We continue to add relevant testing equipment and methodologies as our clients’ needs evolve. We also provide advanced services such as method development for unusual compound detection.

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