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Water Testing & Water Quality in Bay Area, CA – About Us

Founded in 1993, Torrent Laboratory provides a full spectrum of certified laboratory air, soil, & water quality analysis services dedicated to helping clients meet regulatory requirements and protect the environment in which people live and work.

Our full-service research laboratory provides significant advantages beyond the 'cookbook chemistry' of traditional labs.

  • Comprehensive air, water quality, and soil analysis services
  • Expertise in diversified industries
  • Strong analytical science meeting environmental regulations
  • Fast turnaround performance with Torrent Express™
  • History of quality with established customers
  • Social responsibility with community outreach

Torrent’s Vision

To become a globally recognized laboratory in terms of diversified analytical expertise and organizational environment. To provide Torrent associates with the best living standard in the industry.

Torrent’s Mission

To dominate the industry by providing cutting edge, comprehensive analytical services coupled with outstanding customer experience that is second to none.

Who We Serve

  • Environmental Consultants
  • Local Municipalities
  • Semiconductor Manufacturers
  • High Tech Companies
  • Alternative Energy Development
  • Biotech Companies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • California Regulatory Agencies

Our Commitment

For every project, we focus on understanding customer requirements and the technical challenges inherent in sampling, testing and analysis. Torrent is dedicated to advancing analytical science while increasing process efficiency and ensuring consistent quality of service. Torrent’s growing community of loyal customers reflects our established record of delivering defensible results with efficient, appropriate methods and high quality data.

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